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Why Every Family Need the best Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser?

Why Every Family Need the best Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser?

Squeeze toothpaste is a normal daily action for everyone, one day at least twice or more to keep your teeth clean and oral health. But Why we need an Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser?

If you have tried the Magic Fresh Dispenser, you will know the reason, the  benefits of automatic toothpaste dispenser with toothbrush holder bathroom are very obvious:

Save Time: Just brush your teeth is very easy job, including squeeze your toothpaste, you have to do it everyday, and Squeeze toothpaste only cost about 45 seconds more or less for normal adult, for children need more, means one day 90seconds, but with Magic Fresh Toothpaste Dispenser, you just need 3 seconds to perfectly finish your action.

Obviously saved your time, calculated in one years, you will really got lots of time, it will save you more than 9hours (45-3)*2*365/60/60=8.5hours.

Save Money: Using Magic Fresh Toothpaste Dispense, the action is controlled by electrical the volume of toothpaste is defined, for manual operation, each time the volume is different, some times you have to squeeze one or two times more, but normally you get more toothpaste than your wished, so one tube toothpaste is used very fast.

Keep your toothbrush clean: with the UV toothbrush sanitiser, Magic Fresh Automatic toothpaste dispenser could eliminate 99.9% germs  that cause the most communicable diseases, including H1N1 Virus;  whatever kinds your toothbrushes, soft plastic, bamboo toothbrush, electric toothbrush, sonic toothbrush and so on, but for home living you will use it not only one day or one time.

 Easy your kids: If every morning, you are bothering your kids cost too much time for squeeze the toothpaste, or even don’t like to brush their teeth, Magic FreshAutomatic toothpaste dispenser truly will be good helper for you.